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ISPConfig reject spoofed-Mails 2

Spoofed mails are incoming messages that use one of the domains on the server without being authorized to send (i.e. the client that has logged on to the server). To reject such mails with ISPConfig, create the file /etc/postfix/mysql-virtual_domains_inverted.cf and change the group to postfix: user = ispconfig password = […]

autoconfig und autodiscover with ISPConfig Automail 5

Email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird can be automatically configured to connect to the mail server on the correct ports and the settings for the encryption can be adjusted (especially with Outlook you can easily slip). There is a new plugin for ISPConfig: ISPConfig Automail This allows a central website […]

Spammail understand header and move mails 1

I wrote a small post about how the mail header is to be understood for spam-mails, when the additional lines are written to the header and how the mails with Dovecot / ISPConfig end up not in the inbox, but in the junk folder. The article can be found here: […]

current rules for SpamAssassin from schaal @it 2

We regularly publish new rules for SpamAssassin. Most of the rules have a score from 5. You can use our Ruleset for free. Just add our update-Channel to your SpamAssassin-Config our use our Script to get new / updated Rules. Don’t forget to restart amavis after installing / updating rules. […]

Dovecot Antispam-Plugin

With the Antispam plugin from Dovecot, new spam mails can be pushed by hand into their own IMAP folder. Mails that are moved to this folder, spamassassin learns as spam mails. If a mail is moved from this folder (for example to the INBOX because it is not spam), spamassassin […]

DKIM-Patch 1.1.9 6

A new version of the DKIM-Patch for ISPConfig is available now. This version contains only a few small changes that were predominantly subsequently integrated into version 1.1.8. Download: DKIM-Patch Changes to 1.1.8: fixed shown public-dns record for dkim minor changes in server-plugin update rfc updated installer update import-script Supports ISPConfig […]

DKIM-Patch 1.1.8 13

A new version of the DKIM-Patch for ISPConfig is available now. Download: DKIM-Patch Changes to 1.1.7: for ISPConfig only add CSRF-Check from ISPConfig updated installer for ISPConfig changed config-file-check to prevent saving the keys in the wrong file if a single amavis-config-file exists after upgrading to a “split-config”