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ISPProtect BanDaemon Integration for ISPConfig 3

The ISPProtect BanDaemon (https://ispprotect.com/ispprotect-bandaemon/) is a highly reliable tool for preventing attacks on servers. I have completely rewritten the ISPConfig Dashlet for the ISPProtect BanDaemon. Sometimes it is possible that a customer “accidentally” locked himself out. With this integration the customer can log in to ISPConfig and then unlock his […]

ISPConfig reject spoofed-Mails 2

Spoofed mails are incoming messages that use one of the domains on the server without being authorized to send (i.e. the client that has logged on to the server). To reject such mails with ISPConfig, create the file /etc/postfix/mysql-virtual_domains_inverted.cf and change the group to postfix: user = ispconfig password = […]

GDPR Plugin 1.2 released

We just released the GDPR-Plugin for ISPConfig Version 1.1. Please check the new manual to find out more. BUG Fixed send mail Fixed a problem when the admin changes the client-data when generating a contract. Fixed date in sign / delete contract Fixed sending mail when a client revokes a […]

GDPR Plugin 1.1 released

We just released the GDPR-Plugin for ISPConfig Version 1.1. Please check the new manual to find out more. BUG Enable mail for the company is ignored when sending data. Fixed Deprecated-warnings with PHP 7.2 NEW Add text to inform the client, that signing the contract online is valid. Option to […]

GDPR Plugin for ISPConfig

Features of the GDPR Plugin: Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by a client Automatic generation of order processing (GDPR) contracts by the admin for a client Generated order processing (GDPR) contracts are saved directly as PDF files Ability for the client to revoke an existing agreement Upload option […]

autoconfig und autodiscover with ISPConfig Automail 5

Email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird can be automatically configured to connect to the mail server on the correct ports and the settings for the encryption can be adjusted (especially with Outlook you can easily slip). There is a new plugin for ISPConfig: ISPConfig Automail This allows a central website […]

Spammail understand header and move mails 1

I wrote a small post about how the mail header is to be understood for spam-mails, when the additional lines are written to the header and how the mails with Dovecot / ISPConfig end up not in the inbox, but in the junk folder. The article can be found here: […]

CAA-Records with ISPConfig 2

Requirements: ISPConfig >= 3.1 and Bind DNS-Server Installation: cd /tmp wget https://www.schaal-it.com/downloads/caa-patch.tgz tar xfz caa-patch.tgz cd caa-patch php -q install.php Install this patch on all servers in a multiserver-setup. What is a CAA-Record? CAA can be used to determine which certification authority is allowed to issue certificates for the domain. […]