DS-GVO Plugin 1.2 veröffentlicht

Die neue Version 1.2 des DS-GVO Plugins für ISPConfig ist fertig.

Passende zur neuen Version gibt es auch ein aktualisiertes Handbuch.


    Fixed send mail
    Fixed a problem when the admin changes the client-data when generating a contract.
    Fixed date in sign / delete contract
    Fixed sending mail when a client revokes a contract


    Show descriptions for the PDF-Templates.
    The client can download a preview of the contract before signing (watermarked).
    Add some more PDF-Templates
    Send a mail when a client revokes a contract
    Default-company (will be used for all new clients)
    Update direct from the interface
    The logo-file is resized in a PDF. The max-size can be defined in custom-classes in the config.
    Show “master” in templates-list
    Add “gdpr-data” to the requested “stored data”
    Preview for templates
    Add short text to gdpr_stored_data pdf


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