DKIM-Patch 1.1.4 9

Es ist eine neue Version des DKIM-Patch für ISPConfig verfügbar.

Mit dieser Version verfügt ISPConfig über einen kompletten DMARC-Support.
Die für DMARC erforderlichen DNS-Records (DKIM, SPF und DMARC) können bequem über einen Wizard angelegt werden.
Bei Änderungen an der DKIM-Signierung werden die Records entsprechend angepasst und der die Policy des DMARC-Records wird auf ‘none’ (Report) gesetzt, sollte die Signierung deaktiviert werden.

Download: DKIM-Patch

Changes to 1.1.3:

add support for DMARC-Records
add support for SPF-Records
increased default dkim-strength from 1024 bits to 2048 bits

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9 Gedanken zu “DKIM-Patch 1.1.4

  • ashok

    one more question. sorry if this sounds stupid.

    Doesn this sign emails with DomainKeys?

    I mean, when i sent mail to yahoo, in headers it shows DKIM verified, but neutral and no signature for domain keys

    • Florian Schaal Autor des Beitrags

      Your mails will be signed with DKIM. You can also setup a domainkey-policy-record manually. But RFC 4871 (DKIM) superseded RFC 4870 (DomainKeys). AFAIK only yahoo checks for the policy-record for DomainKeys. If you would like to create a Domain Key Policy-Record, have a look at Henry´s Page. This is just a short TXT-Record like the SPF-Record ( o=OPTION).

  • ashok

    one more error. you restrict spf to spf button right ?

    but if we click spf button, only the spf of main domain can be added.

    What happens to subdomains mapped to same zone?

    • Florian Schaal Autor des Beitrags

      With the SPF-Button you edit the dns-zone for the domain. This dns-zone could or If you really use subdomains for sending emails, you can create an according dns-zone ( and setup a spf-record (maybe you won´t use A and MX – otherwise you must define A and MX-Records for – and use include

  • ashok

    I installed your DKIM patch today. There is a bug in SPF part

    Your spf doesnt allow adding the googles spf which starts with a _ it says invalid

  • Clouseau

    Opendmarc it is. For spf I will use cluebringer because of additional options like graylisting and quota(how many mails can sender send inside some timeframe). Tnx for info 🙂

  • Clouseau


    what is checking SPF record when email arrives? Also what is checking DMARC record when email arrives?

    Must I install opendmarc for dmarc cheking and cluebringer or similar for spf check?

    • Florian Schaal Autor des Beitrags

      Until now there is no checking for spf and dmarc. I discussed this a while ago with Till and we decided, to first integrate dmarc in ispconfig. I think, validating SPF and DMARC will bei implemented later (maybe in 3.1 – but i´m not sure if this would really happen in such a short time because ispconfig supports several os and this leads to a lot of testing). For validating SPF with postfix, have a look at my other post. For checking DMARC i recommend to use opendmarc. See here.