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What are cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored by web browsers (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) on the local computer. In these files, Internet pages store various information in order to make the use of the pages visited more comfortable for the visitor. Thus, information on the settings used, historical data or the login is stored in the cookies.

Cookies can only be stored on the local computer for a very short period of time (for example, only as long as the web browser used is open) or for a longer period of time, possibly years. Cookies that were not created by this site cannot be accessed by this site.
The use of cookies

This site uses cookies in the following ways:

Registration and personal settings. This includes the permanent login, the used language or the used appearance as well as the set behavior of the page.
Analyzing. This allows us to investigate how visitors use the site to improve it.
Cookies from advertisements (possibly from third parties). When advertisements are displayed on this site, these advertisements may use cookies to track the extent to which these advertisements have been viewed or accessed by visitors. These third-party cookies cannot be read or written by us.
Other third party cookies, such as the use of Facebook or Twitter features on this page. These cookies, like all other third-party cookies, cannot be used by us.

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The behaviour and settings of cookies are determined and managed by the web browser you used.