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Hetzner – copy IPv6 Reverse-DNS

You can continue to use the old IPv4 subnet with a new server at Hetzner. With IPv6, it does not work unfortunately. Although I do not understand why I can keep all IPv4 (subnet and / or single), but not the IPv6 addresses. It’s annoying when you have to change […]

Report Spam comments from WordPress to blocklist.de

The script wp-spamreport.php (as a download here in my git) reports at any time the spam comments of the last 48 hours to blocklist.de. It does not matter when a comment was marked as spam (manually or automatically by example Antispam Bee), but only that the comments are posted in […]

php $_POST with special characters

I just wondered why $private_key=$_POST[‘pkey’]; doesn´t work, when I use a variable with AJAX, which also contains a +. The solution is surprisingly simple: PHP changes fields containing the characters space, dot and others to ensure compatibility with the (obsolete) register_globals. There are many workarounds. I use this function: function […]