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Use nagios to monitor a mysql-replication 2

I´ve already pointed out here, that you can easily restart a replication. But you have to know that the replication isn´t working. Instead of continuously typing “CHECK SLAVE STATUS\G” in mysql i´ve decided to use nagios for that. If something is wrong, i get a mail and a notification in […]

Nagios-Plugin to check the current version of clamd

I wrote a small plugin for nagios to check the current clamav-version. Setup nagios: define command{ command_name check_clamdv command_line $USER1$/check_clamdv $ARG1$ } define service{ use local-service host_name obelix.schaal-24.de service_description CLAMD Version check_command check_clamdv # if clamd is not located in /usr/local/sbin/clamd, use #check_command check_clamdv!/path/to/your/clamd check_interval 15 } check_clamd Download #!/bin/bash […]

Nagios-plugin for Hetzner FTP-Space

The robot of Hetzner`s, but I would monitor the utilization of the backup space with Nagios. My plugin for nagios requieres sftp for the ftp-server access. The setup for sftp ist documented very well here. The plugin is very quick&dirty and doesn´t match the requirements for nagios completly, but it […]