patches for ISPConfig

My patches for the current verions of ISPConfig are available for download here.

DKIM-PatchDownload dkim-022_ispconfig3.tar.gz

add backup size to web backupsDownload ispconfig3.0.5.3.backup_size.tgz

rewrite ip on mirror(s)Download ispconfig3053-rewritev6.patch

Installation DKIM-Patch see here

Installation add backup size to web backups

cd /tmp
tar xfvz ispconfig3.0.5.3.backup_size.tgz
cd ispconfig.backup_size

1. Change mysql database
mysql -u root -p
use dbispconfig;
ALTER TABLE `web_backup` ADD `filesize` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL AFTER `filename`;

2. Set filepermissions and copy new files
chown -R ispconfig.ispconfig server interface
cp -Rp interface /usr/local/ispconfig
cp -Rp server /usr/local/ispconfig

Installation rewrite ip on mirror(s)

cd /tmp
cd /usr/local/ispconfig
patch -p1 < /tmp/ispconfig3053-rewritev6.patch

If all patches are installed, be sure to install DKIM and backup size first and then apply the patch for the rewrite of IP addresses. I will offer shortly patch-files for all patches.

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