ISPProtect BanDaemon Integration for ISPConfig 3

The ISPProtect BanDaemon ( is a highly reliable tool for preventing attacks on servers.

I have completely rewritten the ISPConfig Dashlet for the ISPProtect BanDaemon.

Sometimes it is possible that a customer “accidentally” locked himself out.
With this integration the customer can log in to ISPConfig and then unlock his IP himself. If the IP is locked, he can see the corresponding information in the overview immediately after login. To give a customer the possibility to unblock his IP by himself you only have to activate the dashlet ‘ispprotect’.

Additionally you can also adjust some parameters directly in ISPConfig under Tools / Ban-Daeomon.

You can search for specific IPs in the blacklist by entering a part or the whole IP in the search field.
With “release” you can release an IP again. If you have multiple servers, unblocking an IP may take a little longer.

Whitelist Here you can see all IP addresses that cannot be blocked. Here you also have the possibility to remove single IPs from this list. The local IP addresses of a server are always automatically excluded and therefore do not appear in the list.

Statistics The current report and the report from the previous day (this is updated daily at 00:300).

You can download this extension at

If you have installed the old version, the superfluous files are automatically deleted.

tar xfz bandaemon-dashlet.tgz
cd bandaemon-dashlet
php install.php

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3 thoughts on “ISPProtect BanDaemon Integration for ISPConfig

    • Florian Schaal Post author

      just delete the dashlet from /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/dashboard/dashlets and re-login

  • Rene

    Lieber Florian,

    vielen Dank für das IPSConfig Plugin.
    Es erleichtert die Arbeit mit ISPProtect sehr!

    Wie immer super Arbeit von Dir.