ISPConfig 3.1 Beta released 4

Today the first beta version of ISPConfig 3.1 was released:

Since the code for DKIM, mail backup and Database quota is part of ISPConfig 3.1, I will not continue at this place the development / bug fixes. Back ports are no longer necessary and the published work up to version New Backports will be published when I got the idea for a new feature. 😉

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4 thoughts on “ISPConfig 3.1 Beta released

  • Olivier T

    Good morning,
    I’m going to upgrade my ispconfig to 3.1.2
    I’m using latest version of your dkim plugin

    Is it your code that is included now in 3.1.x ? or another code (I mean will I have to setup again my dkim, or will it continue working on the same configuration ?)
    Is there specific action to do to upgrade ? Uninstall the plugin first ?

    Thanks in advance for this great work, it helped me a lot.