ISPConfig – rewrite ip on mirror(s)

My patch for ISPConfig also works for the latest version

Only the language file is not patched, but that can be easily realized by hand. Please understand that I do not find the time at the moment to adapt the patch accordingly – but that’s just a visual aspect. After patching the current version, only a few lines need to be inserted into code>nterface/web/admin/lib/lang/en_server_config.lng:

$wb["vhost_rewrite_v6_txt"] = 'Rewrite IPv6 on Mirror';
$wb["v6_prefix_wrong"] = 'Invalid v6 Netmask format.';
$wb["v6_prefix_end"] = 'Prefix - must end with ::';
$wb["v6_prefix_length"] = 'Prefix too long according to defined IPv6 ';

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