DKIM-Patch 1.1.9 6

Es ist eine neue Version des DKIM-Patch für ISPConfig verfügbar.

Es handelt sich bei dieser Version um ein paar kleine Änderungen, die überwiegend nachträglich in die Version 1.1.8 integriert wurden.

Download: DKIM-Patch

Changes to 1.1.8:

fixed shown public-dns record for dkim
minor changes in server-plugin
update rfc
updated installer
update import-script
Supports ISPConfig
updated cz translations

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6 Gedanken zu “DKIM-Patch 1.1.9

  • Stéphane

    Just a notice.
    When I change my key, the system remove all other dkim key in DNS
    => And I use some other dkim for other services.

    And I’ve also a question; is there a way to enable dkim if I’ve no mail service.
    => Actually we’ve 2 servers (one for web / one for email).
    If I enable mail domain and DKIM on the web server (each mail from the website is lost)

    If I disable mail domain on the web server, there is no more dkim signature.

    So, is there is way to force dkim ?

    Kind regard.

    • Florian Schaal Autor des Beitrags

      You can not use dkim without a full configured mailserver (postfix and amavis). If you split web and mail, better relay the mails from the web- to the mail-server and configure dkim (and all other mail-settings) on the mail-server only.
      I never had a problem when changing a dkim-key but i will check this.

      • Stéphane

        You’re totally right… de relay work like a charm.
        I’ve not change my DNS / DKIM config so no more trouble for now.

  • Luca

    thanks for this script!
    I have a problem (BIG PROBLEM) with plugin and ispconfig (latest stable) on Debian 8..
    All mail sent go to spam 🙁

    I did a test on and the error message is:

    * 0.1 DKIM_SIGNED Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not necessarily valid domain

    my domain is and more 3
    How can I solve the problem?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english