DKIM-Patch 1.1.7 4

A new version of the DKIM-Patch for ISPConfig is available now.

Download: DKIM-Patch

Changes to 1.1.6:

german translation for DMARC
fixed error during resync
add latest dmarc-drafts
increase size for txt-records to allow the admin to change txt-records for dkim

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4 thoughts on “DKIM-Patch 1.1.7

  • Dietmar

    I’ve been using this patch for a while and it was working great. I’ve update ispconfig to and whanted to update the dkim-patch from 1.1.6 to 1.1.7.
    When I run install.php I get the following error:
    This script is for ISPConfig >= – You are using

    • Florian Schaal Post author

      Please update the patch from the git or download the latest version again. I just forgot to merge the new installer into the master-branch. 😉

  • Vincent Simpson

    Hi Florian

    Thank you for this super patch.
    However I encountered a problem trying to install on ispconfig Here’s how to fix the install.php file to install on patch6 😉

    file install.php on Line 78

    if ( $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '') {

    && $conf[‘app_version’] != ‘’ to the end of the line

    so that it looks like this :

    if ( $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '' && $conf['app_version'] != '') {

    Now the installer understands patch 6 of

    May I suggest the following (haven’t tried it, but seems logical to me) :

    if ( $conf['app_version'] >= ' {

    Not sure this works though, I’m not a php pro…

    Thanks again and hope this helps anyone else trying to install this wonderful patch on their ISPConfig