DKIM-Patch 1.0 3

The final version of the DKIM patch for ISPConfig is available now.

I deliberately raised the version to 1.0 because the patch contains now all functions to effectively and automatically use DKIM with ISPConfig.

The main change is that the DNS record is created automatically by ISPConfig when for a domain DKIM values ​​are changed. (initial set up, new key, etc.). If a new key is created, the existing DNS entry is not deleted, but another created. The Selector is automatically modified if necessary.

The current description is available here.

Download: DKIM-Patch

Changes to 0.4.1:

show full dns-record under mail DKIM-settings
clean-up code
make use of $app->system
add more security-checks for the dkim-path
update / create the dns-record for dkim when updating / creating the mail-domain

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3 thoughts on “DKIM-Patch 1.0

  • Daniel Torres

    Hi please compare current version dns_wizard.php with devel it is much diferent as I’v replied in email

    Best Regards
    Daniel Torres

  • Daniel Torres


    First of all thanks for the wonderful plugin.

    I’m having an error error_no_server_id

    it is because of this if

    if ($post_server_id) {
    } else {
    echo error

    this is causing an normal user that dont only have one dns server to give this error because server id is never posted.

    } else {
    $server_id = 1;
    $post_server_id = false;

    • Florian Schaal Post author

      This part is not related to the dkim-patch. Its the generall code from ispconfig when creating dns-records with the wizard.
      I just checked it out with the current release and the devel-version. I can`t redproduce your error.
      As this is not releated to the patch, i would like to discuss this with you by mail.