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It’s been a very good thing that the installimage from Hetzner can also be accessed with its own image.

Therefore I create on demand from a server an image and save it in the backup space from Hetzner and / or on a different server.

Please note, that the image must contain the distribution and the version in the filename (i.e. h”Debian-50-image.tar.gz” oder “suse-121-backup.tar.gz”).

The config file has to be adjusted only in accordance with:


When you create the image you have has to be not that installimage generated some new configs. This writes Hetzner:

In the resolv.conf always our DNS servers are entered. Also the /etc/ hosts file is created as new. For SSH are also new keys generated, so that each system uses its own key. Settings in /etc/sysconfig should limit themselves to the network. To know what installimage does you can look at the scripts that are available on the Rescue. These are located in /root/.oldroot/nfs/install

So a few directories and files should written separately in the image, so if in doubt, the server after the install actually runs completely as before.
On my servers MySQL runs in a replication so there is no need to save the databases to the rescue-image (especially since it does not always make sense to save them to an image due databases change too often). Only the database mysql varies on each server and also changes rarely.
Also mail and web are not added to the rescue-image. Is use drbd to make both available on at least to systems. When restoring one server i get mail and web automaticly from other servers.

The latest version is available at

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